Weird multiWAN speed

  • Hi Guys !

    I'm still newbie on pfsense platform (migrated from kerio control)
    I have 2 WAN - PPPoE vDSL (80/8MBit each) - perferct line conditions !
    But I cant explain what is happening right now on my pfsense; I use multiwan settings (default pfsense tutorial) and limiters for each IP alias;

    I use ubnt - nanobridges in bridge or router mode; I have very good parameters on radio; so defaults radio transfers are very good and much more then I need for specified network
    Please look at attached pictures and help me understand why my WAN transfer is so low even if I don't use it (almost no traffic from WAN) but ping is still so high. Both WAN are from the same ISP
    Is it possible to pfsense slow it down !? It looks like WANs interfaces are not 'isolated' ?

    best regards

  • Rebel Alliance

    If you have  only 2 WAN, why you have so many Gateways ?

    You Only need 1 GW for each WAN, so 2 WAN's = 2 GW

  • I have 'so many' static routes; I use ubiquiti nanobridges in bridge or router mode on my network…
    Could it be a problem ?
    Should I use only bridge mode on LAN devices ?

  • Rebel Alliance

    In our company we have a small WISP using Ubiquiti Radios and pfSense, and we don't need "lot of static routes"

    All AP's are in Bridge mode

    All CPE's are in Router Mode

    Maybe you can provide a network diagram, to "understand" your Network topology ;)

    If you dont need a lot of bandwidth, is better to use 20Mhz channel width in your Radios, instead 40Mhz….

  • Sure, CPE's are in router nat mode but I seperate lokal networks with routers…
    routers are basics of networks, should it be problem ?

    ![PFSense network.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/PFSense network.jpg)
    ![PFSense network.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/PFSense network.jpg_thumb)

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