FTP bandwith - Latency

  • Hi all,
    I'm a french ser of pfsense.
    My pfsense works very well, thank you to the developpers ;)

    Today, at my work, I sent a file to a ftp server (on internet), the transfert was at : 1.4MBytes/s. We have 20Mb/s symetric at work.
    Then I do the same transfert to my own ftp server (in my home : pfsense + ADSL 13Mb/s about 1MBytes/s) and the transfert was at 480KBytes/s  ???

    I try to find were is the problem.
    I think, it can be :

    • The latency of my connection

    • A problem on pfsense ?

    Do you have any idea ?

    PS :
    Ping from my work to the FTP server on internet : 15ms
    Ping from my work to my FTP server (at home) : 30ms
    On my pfsense I  use neither traffic shaping nor ftp helper.

    Thk very much

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