Gateway drop out when assigning more than one VIP

  • Hello,

    Newbie to pfsense here. Been getting accustomed to it over the past few weeks. I'm stuck at one point currently. First off, I'm using the pfSense modified with the hyper-v drivers and it is currently running under hyper-v. Not sure if this ends my chances of getting help but I'd appreciate any I can get.

    So I have a /28 block from my ISP, one ip assigned to pfsense, and another assigned as a IP Alias VIP and then 1:1 natted to another VM in our virtual network. This is currently working normally. However it's when I attempt to assign anymore VIP's to the box that causes problems. After about 5 minutes of it working perfectly, pfsense reports that the gateway has gone down and all connectivity to through the WAN interface fails. Only fix I've found is to reboot the pfsense server and remove those additional VIP's. I haven't found anything help from the pfsense logs besides the system log reporting the gateway has went offline. Any ideas?


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