One of three static routes stopped passing traffic

  • Hello All,

    pfSense-2.0.1-RELEASE (i386)

    Today mid moring some of the teachers started calling about internet down in part of the building. Long story short,,one of the three static routes has stopped passing traffic. No softwear packages has been updated on this router, It has run like a top,for the last three years,and before,,run pfSense-1.2.3.

    it is odd that from the guiI can not ping the one route's Ip that has stopped,  from the LAN interface and yet the other two route ip's get a ping response,so it about has to be the router itself.
    This routers ip address is when looking at the routing tables gui.

    I will attach 5 pictures,to better show what happens and the routing tables.
    I had a more detailed messege and couldnt get all the attachments in one post,,so I will post this and 3 mor attachements,

    I of course rebooted the router but did not cure the problem.

    172.28.8.x/23  =  servers in rack- static
    172.28.10.x/23  =  gradre school network
    172.28.12.x/23 = high school network
    172.28.14.x/23 = teachers pc's

    Static routes: >  # This is the route that no longer passes traffic. > >

    I deleted the offending static route and readded it,hoping this might be the cure,but no go.

    These are each feed by a linux server for dhcp information,just for completeness.

    Also when viewing the routing table i might add that this router is and out ip phones router put in later,is just to not confuse when looking at routing tables attached.

    Also would dmesg throw any obvious messages if the cpu is overheating or the like? Wondering if this may be a problem,although never had any locks,or anything like this.

    Thank You,

  • more attachments screen shots  here.

  • Hi All,

    responding to my own post,sorry. After doing some more digging,,I am almost positive it is the ip phone companies router/switch that may have either shot craps,or the config dropped,,,some how..I have no way of getting into this devcie,so,I will not know anything for sure until Tuesday of next week.
    Long sory short their router has some static routes to our pfSense router to get out to the inernet.

    Just wanted to post this,to give a thumbs up to pfSense being stable,main reason.

    This particular router had an uptime of 512 days! until I rebooted it today.


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