• Okay - Newbie to pfSense here…

    I've searched for this exact problem - seen questions about "bonding" to the internet and understand the limitations there,


    Central Datacenter -
    LAN  192.168.0.x

    • huge bandwidth (assume 1 connection)
    • multiple static IP addresses

    Remote site-
    LAN  192.168.1.x
    6 DSL connections - Static IP addresses
    6Mbps / 512kb

    Is it possible to setup a "true" bonded (private) connection from the remote site to the Central Datacenter in essence allowing for a 3Mbps upload speed?  ...or are we stuck with the round-robin load balancing?

    I'm asking this because the solutions I've found through searching all revolve around aggregating bandwidth to the internet - this case the bandwidth remains "private" so I would assume there is a way to do this since both sides of the connection are controlled internally.

    I would assume that if this can work - if a local connection to the internet is wanted/required an additional DSL connection could be added and only used as the default route to the internet (limited by it's speed of course).


  • Look up MLPPP.

    There are devices that allow for creating a single VPN connection over multiple connections.

    There are ISP's that can do these connections over multiple connection types.  http://www.w-link.com/connect.php#page=bonded_dsl  They may be able to do a point to point for you…


    pfSense will happily do an MLPPP connection if you have an ISP that supports it. But as far as I know its not possible to do this yet with two pfSense boxes back to back without and ISP to do the other side of the connection.

  • MLPPP would be the best solution, but most ISPs don't provide that. However I've achieved similar results by bonding VPN tunnels using ZeroShell following this video tutorial. Eventually I've reverted back to pfSense, because I found its load balancing capabilities being far superior.

  • Hi, I wonder whether pfSense has / will soon have a feature allowing VPN bonding?