Sending "upsmon -c fsd" to NUT (Network UPS Tools).

  • Situation: pfSense box running NUT (as master) and 3 machines (1 Linux, 1 FreeNAS and 1 Windows 7) all running NUT as slave.

    I'm verifying that slave(s) are going to shutdown properly in the event of a power failure.

    Having an oversized UPS I wouldn't like to pull the chord and wait for a "real" empty battery situation; so I'm testing going to pfSense menu: Diagnostics –> Command Prompt and

    upsmon -c fsd

    that sometimes work (so forced shutdown is committed to the others computers) and sometimes not; this last situation divided into further:

    1. pfSense box shuts itself alone; other machines don't;

    2. pfSense box seems ignoring the command and nothing happens.

    Attached: screenshots of my NAT Rule (port forward rule) and Firewall rule that I added for NUT to work.

    All machines are connected to the pfSense box (verified checking their logs).

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