PPPoE and Static IP

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to configure my WAN interface to get an IP-address via PPPoE (and of course this works)
    Additinaly I need to configure a static IP-Adress on the same interface (without a gateway) to access the DSL-modem for management reasons.
    I tried to to this with CARP, but ist doesn't work, becaus CARP only works with IP-addresses from the same subnet as the interfaces real IP.
    I also tried to do this with ProxyARP, but it also doesn't work, because i can't specify a subnetmask, wich is needed that pfsense knows that the destination IP is reachable localy.
    Then I tried to configure a "other" IP-address, but here I have the same Problem as with proxy ARP.

    How can I set up a second IP-address (which is in an other Subnet as the first) on the same interface? Is this possible with pfsense?

  • is it possible that the embadded image does not support the
    "redir" command and also does not support the "pkg_add" command?
    I just tried to do it like it is described in the other thread, but the shell only returns

    # pkg_add
    pkg_add: Command not found.
    # redir
    redir: Command not found.

    so at the moment, I have a IP-address (configured with ifconfig) on my WAN interface, and from the shell, I can ping my modem. But of course, I can't apply anny rules (nat, fw) to this ip address.

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