A computer has both a LAN and WAN address in ARP Table

  • Looking at my ARP table I see that one of my computers has my actual WAN IP assigned to it. It should only be on the LAN. ipconfig doesn't show this entry, what am I missing?

    Bill Bigfeller                                         LAN
    000000000000 Bigfeller                                         WAN Bill-s-Phone                                 LAN Bills-iPad                                         LAN
    000000000000 0000000000.smithvilledsl.net              WAN homenas                                         LAN Media2-PC                                 LAN MySQL                                      LAN router                                        LAN Surface                                      LAN

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmmm. Odd. How are you retrieving that table? Via the webgui?


  • Yes…

    This host "Bigfeller" has both the wan IP and Lan IP assigned to the same mac address on Diagnostics/ARP table. IPConfig /all on this host does not show this connection.

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