BSD or Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS

  • Not wishing to appear ungrateful but I am in the process of migrating from Windows 7 to Ubuntu. With my Cisco router classes I am in definite sensory overload so I wish to keep things simple if possible.

    My questions, then:

    1. Is there any reason why I cannot install pfSense on Ubuntu 12?

    2. Is BSD preferable? If so, why?

    Will use pfSense on a network appliance (firewall) with Cisco 2911 router and Cisco SG-300 switch - 5 computers, file server, hosts.

  • pfSense is not a program to install.
    It's a whole distribution based on FreeBSD.
    Similar to how ubuntu is based on debian.

  • Therein lies my confusion. Thank you for your patience.  ;)


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