PCs cannot connect to internet after changing pfSense LAN IP

  • I am just jumping on the pfSense bandwagon. I have successfully set up a box with 2 network cards, one is my WAN, the other is my LAN. With all the default settings, and an internal address of 192.168.1.xxx, everything works fine. I want to change my internal address to 10.7.3.xxxx, and when I do, all my computers no longer have internet access. I can't ping out ( ), but they can ping each other (i.e. reaching the pfSense box at and other computers on the internal network). I rebooted the pfSense box and all the computers, still no go. Am I missing something?

  • Did you make special rules on the firewall rules LAN tab that mention the old subnet, rather than LANnet or all?
    Do you have Firewall->NAT, Outbound, Manual Outbound NAT enabled?
    If so, then you will need to edit the rules to use the new LAN subnet, or go back to Automatic Outbound NAT.
    and think of anything else interesting you might have configured that explicitly mentioned the old subnet - perhaps search /cf/conf/config.xml for "192.168.1" to give clues.

  • No I did not make any special rules. I will check the settings when I get home tonight to see what I have enabled. Thanks for the lead.

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