You can only select a layer7 container for Pass type rules.

  • Hi Guys,

    Need help. I'm new to Pfsense. I'm trying to configure Traffic Shaping L7 to minimize or stop torrent but no avail.

    This are the steps I have done..

    1. Created Layer 7 container - > Block Bittorent

    2. Apply firewall rule to block L7 container but error  appear..

    "You can only select a layer7 container for Pass type rules"

    ** Additional I also tried traffic shaper but no avail. Total bandwidth drop from 3mb - > less than 1mb.  :( Also slowness on pfsense firewall was observed. No indication of high mem , processor usage on Dashboard.

    Need help guys.. appreciate your help…

    Thank you very much...

  • I have had challenges of my own trying to queue bittorrent with L7 rules, but my understanding is that you create your L7 rule with a block action. Then you create a firewall pass rule with the L7 filter as target. Even though you are "passing" your torrent traffic, you're just passing it to the L7 rule which should block it.

    That's my understanding. Like I said, it's untested at this point.

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