Unable to connect to WAN link

  • Our proxy has recently stopped working. It is unable to find to connect to an upstream Cisco ASA which is the gateway to the internet.

    Currently the network is set up like this:

    Clients - LAN pfSense Proxy WAN - ASA - Internet

    A packet capture reveals that the proxy is trying to arp to find the ASA but it fails.
    12:49:01.594049 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 28
    12:49:02.673697 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 28
    12:49:03.233464 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 28
    12:49:04.692995 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 28

    If I connect a laptop directly to the ASA and give it the address it can connect to the internet but and if I connect the laptop to the Proxy server and give it the WAN link address it arps and populates the arp table correctly. So it seems both devices work fine until they are connect to eachother.

    Does anyone have any idea why this would be occurring?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are they connected directly back-to-back or through a switch? It could be a duplex mismatch, a bad cable, who knows. If it can't get an ARP response, that's at layer 2 or lower (switch, physical connections, etc)

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