Connection between lan and wan

  • Hai Everyone,
                              iam panic about this situation please help me

    I installed a new pfsense in Vmware esxi 5.5. in this i created two nic cards in vsphare and assigned .one is le0
                            and other one is le1 i assigned le0 to lan and le1 to wan then iam able to access webgui from wan(public ip) and lan
                            but the problem is iam not able to connect to internet. and that to there is no connection in between lan and wan

  • If you have a fresh install, you will not be able to access the WebGUI from the WAN. You need to create a rule to do so. If you are, then the LAN is possibly not setup correctly. I am not sure about the vpxnet3 support in freebsd. Consider switching them to the e1000. I don't even see in my ESX 5.5 where you got it to support AMD Lance devices anyway. Did you choose FreeBSD 6 or earlier? pfsense 2.1 is based on FreeBSD8.3 and 2.0 is based on 8.1. The new 2.2 will be based on FreeBSD10.

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