IPSec Roadwarrior VPN with LDAP/Radius auth

  • Hi,
    I would like to manage my vpn users with extended Ldap or Radius authentication from Windows 2008 AD Domain.
    The user is correctly authenticated both from Radius or Ldap but my goal is to manage client IP from the dial-in page as shown in the attachment.
    The client is able to togin (I use shrewsoft) but it fails on applying adapter setting.
    I have tried also from Android device but I don't receive the network config.
    I receive it only if I check "provide virtual IP address" from mobile clients tab on VPN settings.
    Is there any way to let it work?

    Thank you


  • Well support for cisco style radius attributes is there.
    For active directory attirbutes is not there presently so i do not think you can do that with pfsense unless you use IAS.

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