NATing with Multi WAN & Dynamic DNS

  • Hello All Forum members,

    I need your help to figure-out my setup.
    first of all I have pfsense 2.1-RELEASE (amd64) configure with 4 WANs and it's working OK.
    Recently I stopped one of my WANs that has static public network /29, All rest WANs has DHCP private networks IPs.
    Now I can't access to my webserver on LAN from outside therefore I use freeDNS service to update my domain records with Dynamic DNS and configure pfsense box as well, all these configuration seem working good.

    I not pfsense geek so The step I missing is how to make my server on LAN be accessed from outside using  Dynamic DNS using group WANs ?  :'(

    note: I still have the old configuration when I was had public IP as fellows

    • Defining my public IP as VirtualIP  ProxyARP.
    • Defining 1-1 NAT on LAN interface linking external IP with internal one.
    • Adding some rules on WAN (old) to restrict to well-known ports.

    Your help, guidelines, suggestions and instructions will be highly appropriated.

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