PfSense 2.2 Status?

  • Hi Y'all,

    I was just wondering what the current development state is for pfSense 2.2?  I heard somewhere that initially 2.2 will not offer any new "pfSense Developer Built" features over pfSense 2.1.  As in, pfSense 2.2 will be built on FreeBSD 10 and that will carry a bunch of new features that come with FreeBSD 10 but nothing explicit in the pfSense interface that will be new?  So pfSense 2.2 is more an effort to get the platform on FreeBSD 10 rather than to pile on new firewall features from pfSense development staff?

    And, I hesitate to ask, but is there a time frame for beta snapshots on 2.2?  Or a RELEASE for it?  ;D


  • How could it be otherwise?  8)

  • I don't know the plan, but if he new pf filter is included, there will be some new features. More support for wireless and probably quicker all around. But we will wait and see.
    Thanks to all the developers.

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