Can't get IP from modem via DHCP?

  • So for some reason I can not get an IP on my Rosewill RC-404 NIC ( when used as a WAN from the modem via DHCP.
    I even bought a new modem.

    I've done the following:

    • Reinstalled version 2.1 of pfSense
    • Restarted and factory reset both the old and new modems
    • Swapped WAN/LAN duties with the card in question and the LAN card
    • Switched from IPv4 to IPv6
    • Used an entirely different computer with the same cards
    • Exchanged the goofy card with the exact model
    • Changed the IRQ number (Had a notification via the BIOS at boot that there was a conflict)

    I even had problems with it on a FreeNAS box I have.
    The only thing I haven't done is test it with a non-BSD based system.
    I'll test the card(s) with Ubuntu GNU/Linux and see what happens.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    I've spent about 2 days trying to resolve the issue and really don't understand what's going on here.

  • So Trouble!
    I think E-lins can help u.

  • Any update on this? I have the exact same problem on pfsense 2.1 on bsd.