Limiter not available while editing firewall rule

  • I have created a couple of traffic shaper limiters based on src and dst mask and applied these to firewall pass rules. This works exactly as expected.

    More recently I have created a couple of new limiters, again based on mask. However, when I go to create or edit a firewall rule, the new limiters are not present in the dropdown menus, even after rebooting pfsense.

    I downloaded the firewall config file and manually changed the name of the limiters, saved the file and reuploaded it. Editing the rule at this point shows the limiters both as "none".

    Why is pfsense not recognizing the new limiters that I have created, several weeks and reboots after creating them?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Did you remember to check the "enable" box on the new limiters when you created them?

  • Nope! :D

    Thanks, Jim!

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