IPSec/Traffic Shaping Config

  • I'm hoping someone can shed some light on a little mystery.

    We have VOIP phone service for our business, and had traffic shaping with HFSC working like a charm for quite a while.  Then I set up an IPSec VPN to my new DSL Modem at home, and everything fell apart.

    First, the IPSec Interface was using the qVOIP Queue for ALL traffic… that was bad enough, but once we changed that none of the VOIP traffic was being put through it's proper queue on the LAN Interface.  The WAN Queue is working fine, but not the LAN.  We tried deleting settings for the LAN-side traffic shaping and configuring them again.  We tried changing the firewall rules (delete and recreate, rearrange, move from floating to LAN, move from LAN to WAN, make less strict, etc.)  We even tried rearranging which traffic goes through each Queue.

    It was all working before, but since I connected with IPSec it has all just fallen apart.  Is there any interaction between the configuration for IPSec and Traffic Shaping?  Maybe something that changes when you connect through IPSec that doesn't change back when you disable it?

    On a side note, is there any way to monitor the traffic passing through a queue to see what it is?  After some monkeying around we got SOMETHING to start passing through qVOIP, but the bandwidth patterns did not match a voip call.

  • You will need to provide more details about your setup… It would be great if you posted screen caps of the relevant sections (with sensitive info obfuscated)

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