Question by Clear-Pixel re 2.1.1

  • Why does 2.1.1 seem to have been broken in many ways as there are many new issue being reported that need fixing?


    I am not aware of regressions from 2.1-RELEASE - a few initial regressions/not so good "improvements" related to igb driver and also an early issue with "pfSctl" and "service reload" have been resolved.

    As far as I can see, the changes in 2.1 branch since 2.1-RELEASE address issues and tidy-ups of things that are in 2.1-RELEASE. And I believe the issues people are reporting are actually problems in 2.1-RELEASE, it is just that 2.1.1-prerelease is getting people to look hard again at what issues there are.

    I am using 2.1.1-prerelease on 1 production system now, simply because it has a bunch of bug fixes that are well worth having. I had previous applied a few fixes to it manually but now it is easier to install 2.1.1-prerelease and get all the fixes "for free". It is really getting to the point where I will install it on other systems, if the formal release still takes a while.

    Note: I posted in Development forum, since the question was asked there.

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