High ping

  • Hi guys. I have been experincing excessively high ping on the network if the network upload nears or passes 1Mbps. I thought i was being throttled by Bell but i am assured by them and a friend of mine that works there that they are no longer running DPI/traffic shaping on business dedicated. I was thinking the Pfsense was getting wonky so I rebooted once, tested and it did the same thing. I disconnected the Pfsense box and the 48 port switch and went direct to modem. Ran a speed test with 50 MB upload to see if the ping shot up. It did not. Is it possible the Pfsense is suddenly, i.e nothing has been touched on it, messing with uploads? Or is it more likely the Netgear 748t is pooched? I need to know before i go and build a new box for the pfsense if it isnt even the culprit.



  • Well disregard. It is the Netgear switch. When i plugged everything back in, it was fine. Within 15 minutes i was back to 400 plus latency. I hardbooted the netgear 748t again and it was fine. Its is been an hour and up it goes again. Ordering a switch now. In hindsight it was dumb to think it could be pfSense since no packages were installed or configured for QoS .. Live and learn

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