FS: Lenovo X220 + 2-port GbE express card pfSense firewall

  • I have a Lenovo laptop x220 with onboard gigabit Ethernet port that I used as my pfSense firewall. I used a 2-port gigabit Ethernet express card to give me a total of 3 gigabit interfaces (em0–WAN, re0--LAN, re1--Opt1, WiFi/Guest). I need 5 interfaces now so this one has to go. This has been running stable and performing well for over one year.

    The specs for the laptop are on the Lenovo site. Here's some more information off the top of my head.

    • i7 Intel processor. 4 CPU/2Packages

    • 4 GB RAM

    • 8 GB USB (pfsense runs off of this)

    • ECS2000s express card dual port gigabit NIC

    • 250GB HDD that has been disconnected (to reduce power consumption)

    Additional information:

    • Screen is cracked. It is fully functional other than touch screen features.

    • Kill-a-watt readings are 15 watt idle and 28 watt at boot/snort loading/peak usage

    • I am able to get the 105Mbps up & down (my ISP max) using OpenVPN and under 45% CPU utilization

    • Currently running the following packages

    • FreeRADIUS

    • Snort

    • pfBlocker

    • etc.

    I am offering it for sale for $250obo. Send me a private message if you are interested. Will post pictures later today… Thanks!

  • Attaching pictures…

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