• I have a 2.1 pfsense alix 2d13 box that I can now only get about a megabit download rate with.  Looks like something has happened with the configuration, can't figure out what.

    By disabling Hardware Checksum Offloading, TCP Segmentation Offloading, and Hardware Large Receive Offloading, I get about 2 -3  Megabits.

    I've tried uninstalling all modules - just running with a proxy now.  With or without the proxy the throughput is the same.  Baffled as to what it is, I've tried a long list of things already.

    If I restore the exact configuration onto my backup hardware - same performance.

    Any thoughts on what to try - I'm considering a factory default reset..

  • Resetting the config to factory defaults completely cures the throughput problem.  :o

    Besides just manually rebuilding things - any ideas on how to isolate what config item is causing the throughput degredation?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Netgate Administrator

    When you say you're running with a proxy, do you mean Squid?

    Check the logs for any errors.


  • Did it ever perform to expectations? We've seen some modems that for whatever reason don't play nicely with the ALIX, resulting in performance issues. Putting a switch in between the ALIX and the modem fixes. It's an unusual case though, maybe heard of or seen it a half dozen times and there are many thousands of ALIX systems out there running pfSense.

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