Is the below application work?

  • Hi All.

    I would like to ask if PFsense works on below application:

    I have a cable modem provided on both network and iptv services. 2 connections from the routers connected from the router provided by ISP. One IP (Let's say connection 1)  for IPTV to settop box and the other one for network and my PC (Connection 2).

    I am using the home plug connected between connection 1 to settop box however, the connection is not stable. Now I would like to setup pfsense with both connections in, then on the other side, I would like to setup a 4 ports switching hubs, 1 for IPTV settop box and the remaining for PCs. If the MAC address obtained is from IPTV settop box, then pfsense will transfer connection 1 to settop box, otherwise, pfsense will assign connection 2 for internet access. May I know if it is possible and how to config in pfsense if this is applicable?

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