PfSense stops resolving DNS

  • Hy all

    i have 2 pfsense firewalls with following configuration:

    WAN: PPTP Tunnel with fixed IP Address
    LAN: 192.168.x.x/24 Network


    since i've put the PPTP-Connection into WAN-Setup, the boxes stopped resolving DNS.
    i can use the same Namesevers as i put into System->General Setup behind the walls (fixed entry in the windows client) and i can resolve DNS.

    if i set WAN to static IP Address the walls can resolve again.

    do u know this problem? can u help me?

  • is there someone?

    i need this service as fast as possible ;)

    greetz rene

  • Did you set any DNS servers on the pfSense?
    Are you allowing the manual entries to be overridden by DHCP on WAN?

  • @renepc:

    i need this service as fast as possible ;)

    Consider our commercial support offering if this is the case.

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