Pfsense SG300-28 Inter VLAN routing

  • Hello,

    I appreciate very much if you can help me with this issue:

    I have Cisco SMB Switches SG300-28 at Layer 3 mode connecting to PFsense box using a Trunk Port G25

    VLAN1 is fine connecting to the internet via default gateway No Problem

    I want to create VLAN10 and do Inter-Vlan routing:

    VLAN1    default

    VLAN10  Static

    Pfsense Interface1:

    Pfsense Interface2:

    I read some Pfsense post and also create VLA10 on Pfsense with IP

    As soon as I enable VLAN10, I lost internet connection.  I could not unterstand why

    Could you please help me?

    Thanks in advance.


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