Virus Scanning

  • Quick question, I am not sure if something like this exists but I have a home network with several machines that I obviously have total access to and was wondering if there was some form of virus scanning/cleaning software I could deploy on the network level rather than attempting this on each individual machine. I apologize if this is not as plausible as it sounds to me but some form of the regular scanning and cleaning applications from my PFsense box or something would be awesome.

  • Streat,

    Look into HAVP Package for pfsense. This may be what you are looking for. Scanning for viruses before anything enters your network. Also having some free antivirus on each machine is still advisale in case anything gets through the cracks.


  • Thank you for your response I will definitely start with HVAP, I would like to go a bit further and have something that scans the files within each machine as well (again they are all personal machines so privacy isn't an issue in this case). Does HVAP have this function or is there something out there that could do this?

  • im not sure if anything like this exists even if it does i doubt it will be freeware/open source. most of the commercial centralized AV packages still need small clients deployed to the machines on the network that contact the central server for updates/rules/schedules etc. i use commercial GFI and it works well.

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