Gateway - Packet loss Reported stuck at 742%…

  • Hello all,

    I have an issue i believe.

    my pfsense 2.1 system is reporting that on my main WAN connection, that the monitoring reports that the Loss is 742% under the Gateways module on the main page,  and does not change, how ever i am also doing a ping -t from a server behind the pfsense box to the gateway IP and it shows no packet loss.

    I stopped the apinger service for the WAN connection, i checked the "disable gateway monitoring" and the loss of course went to 0.0%, i then enabled gateway monitoring and the system went back to 0.0% packet loss.

    So it seems pfsense got stuck on 742% number for some reason, how ever we did have reports of some customers losing connection to our system.

    But if i then go into the RRD Graphs, they show 0 for packet loss on the interface or any dropped connections / bad quality.

    I guess i am a little lost here why pfsense may get stuck at a number for packet loss or making sure that i did not have a down issue with the ISP…

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