Can't get the LAN to work.

  • Alright so I looked through the forum to see if I could find a question that was a lot like that and when I lurked the forums, I couldn't find anything that related to my case. So here is the situation that I am currently in. Right now, I can get Internet to my PFsense box, however I cannot get any information through the LAN. When I go to the set interfaces options, I noticed that the L AN is set to "static"Since I can't get anything, I haven't been able to access the web GUI either. I am completely at a loss when it comes to this. I set the LAN to It is still static unfortunately, and I can't access anything. Mind you, I am really new to PFsense. I am just trying to set it up so I can get this router working. Any advice would be greatly. Appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What are you using for the WAN connection? If you have a router connected to WAN is it using the same subnet? If so you can't two interfaces with the same subnet, you'll need to change the LAN address to, say,

    The more information you can give us about your setup the more likely it is we'll spot your problem.


  • I set the LAN to It is still static unfortunately

    The pfSense LAN IP should be static. The clients on LAN should be the ones that get dynamic IP addresses somewhere in 192.168.x.0/24 from DHCP.

  • Alright. I'm sorry I didn't keep you updated on this, but the problem was that the operating system was corrupt. All I did was a quick reinstall and that got the job done.

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