PfSense on Dell CS24-SY

  • Hi Folks,

    What are your thoughts on running PfSense on a Dell CS24-SY?

    (Specs: 2x Intel L5420 Quad Core Xeon 2.5 GHz 16GB 4x146GB)

    We have a 100 down / 10 up WAN link, only 20 - 25 users. Site to Site VPN with our branch offices with a max of 10 simultaneous users.

    Probably run Snort, SQUID and a few other random packages.

    I know it may be overkill but I have a few spare lying around.

    The other option would be to pick up the Alix but I don't want to wait till May when they supposedly release their new version and - other than the power benefits, I don't see other benefits to using it.

  • Might want to think about loading up as a VM on there.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Indeed, running pfSense virtualised is a good option on massively overpowered hardware. At least you can then use it usefully for something else and you can very easily allocate more resources if your requirements go up.
    The two options you have suggested are at the two ends on the hardware scale. The Dell is massivelt over powered, the Alix (current model) is not powerful enough.

    The performance of the new Alix APU board is largely unknown but it will firewall/NAT 110Mbps. It may not run Squid and Snort at 110Mbps.


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