Domain Overrides function Am I doing this right!?

  • Ok so the problem dns records have been changing over the last few months this has caused us some lock ups and slow performance as our isp's dns servers seem to take a week or 2 to catch up. Changing the dns server to googles dns server ( seemed to sort this but it's not a quick DNS server… to get around this I set up the following in the Domain Overrides section

    Domain                                          IP          

    So now when ever someone on our local network (with the ip range ) looks up
    That query is going to hit the pfsense router and it in turn will query googles  Dns server not our default ISP server

    Does this make sense?  Is the above a sensible use of the  Domain Overrides function?


  • That is they way I would work it. This is one of the things that it is useful for.

  • Thanks for the heads up!  :-)

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