Multihomed wan config on single ISP connection

  • My ISP issues static ip addresses using some form of DHCP, and requires each IP address be bound to a unique MAC address. I have 5 IP addresses, and need to point port 80 at different internal servers. This would appear to be a simple NAT issue, but I cannot bind all of the addresses to the same interface due to the 1:1 MAC:IP address restriction.

    I have no requirement for load balancing.

    Is it possible to have WAN and OPT1-n each grab addresses from the ISP's DHCP, and do independent port forwarding?

    If so, how?

    If not, how can this be changed?

    This has been driving me nuts, and from reading a lot of the posts, it appears to be a relatively common issue.

  • What about VirtualIPs?
    I have a similar setup from my ISP. I just set the subnet masking appropriately then added the other IPs as VirtualIPs.
    Not sure how that will play out with DHCP, seems kind of strange that they wouldn't give you statics…but you might try.

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