Slingbox upnp question

  • I read in another thread where someone had to do this to get their slingbox working:

    "Mine was really easy.  Assign a static IP to the slingbox (through static DHCP assignment), add a port forwarding rule (and the accompanying firewall rule) for port 5001 to the static IP assigned, and enjoy!"

    Now this worked immediately on my original FiOS router.  Was this due to UPnP being available?  Is there a setting in Pfsense so things like this won't need manual intervention in the future?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You can use UPnP on pfsense..  But for something as simple as 1 port that doesn't change there is little point to it.

    Pfsense even allows for rules to be set so say only specific IP can ask for specific Ports - this way you can enable UPnP for 1 host, while not opening yourself up to have anything running on your network just opening ports willy nilly.

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