Net4801 and embedded pfsense

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm playing around with a Soekris net4801 ( and the embedded version of pfsense (i've tried the stable 1.01 version and all the latest RC's)

    The problem i'm having, is as soon as I start maxing my connection speed on a single FTP download (18-19mbit ADSL2+) I can't access the internal web gui.

    As soon as I pause the download, the gui responds normally.

    I did some googling, and someone mentioned I should enable polling. I did that, and it worked … to an extent.

    It took my download speeds from 1.87mb/s down to about 800kb/s. I'm under the assumption that these devices work nicely with pfsense and are meant to handle speeds a LOT higher than this.

    Any other suggestions? (or reasons why it would kill the web gui?)

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