Office bandwidth monitoring and traffic shaping with pfSense.

  • Good day,

    I am searching for bandwidth monitoring and traffic shaping solution for my office network.

    I have really slow internet connection download/upload about 30KB/s. When any of 9 computers starts, for example, to download windows updates or someone forgets to turn off p2p client, it becomes impossible to get email or do any web browsing. And the problem is that I can't find and physically access computer that is using all the bandwidth, they are all behind a door. As well network is connected by switches so wireshark capturing becomes as well impossible.

    The only solution that I found is to connect between wan router and network switch pfSense computer and analyse traffic by ntop and do traffic shaping by firewall.

    Is it possible to make this pfSense installation transparent like a hub/switch and at the some time work as firewall, traffic shaping and bandwidth analysing? Is there any good guide for that?

    Thank you!

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