Ipsec Traffic going to wrong interface.

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to create a Ipsec tunnel using my lan-to-lan link.
      On phase 1 screen, I select the correct interface (em2) and then I setup a the phase-2.
      After starting the tunnel (I'm using PfSense on both sites), using tcpdump, I realize that PfSense is trying to answer traffic to my Wan interface  :'(
      Does anyone know how to solve that?

    ps: I'm using PfSense 2.1 on the problematic site.

  • No one else is having this problem?
    I could really use some help.

  • :'(

  • Hi Daniel,

    please clarify your setup.
    Do you have a dual WAN box?
    Do you have WAN1 as default gateway and want IPSEC tunnels to go through WAN2?


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