MultiWan, Squid and Squid Guard

  • When I’m using Squid in transparent mode and my primary wan connection goes down, I can’t seem to resolve DNS queries. What am I doing wrong?

    When I turn off squid and squidguard everything works correctly but then the blacklist won’t work.

    I followed these directions and I still can’t get it to work.    and multiple other post as well.

    All I want to do with this is stop adult content,
    Use the 2nd WAN between Midnight and 5am (As its satellite and has much faster downloads)
    Use the second WAN (Satellite) if the first (DSL) goes down during the day.
    I have reset PFsense so its fresh out of the box again!

    Can someone help me please, I must have spent over 40+ hours trying to get this thing working.


  • I'm still trying to get the Dual Wan switch over working correctly.

    New connections go directly to the Satellite after midnight, but existing connections stay connected to the DSL. If i reset the show state then all connections are moved.

    How do i schedule the states to be reset at midnight and 5am?