Slow internet when behind pfsense

  • i'm new to all this so bear with me as i have little to no knowledge with pfsense and my networking skills do lack.

    the internet connection is very slow when going through pfsense.  they have a fios connection that is 75/25.  when i do the basic online speed test from behind the pfsense box i get 35/0.33.  when i eliminate the pfsense box i get about 70/23

    set up:

    Fios ONT - pfsense - switch - pc = 35/0.33
    Fios ONT - pc = 70/23

    i removed all traffic shapers that were put in, but it did not help.  there are no limiters in place either.  everything on the lan side is working fine.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Have you inherited this pfSense install then? There is no traffic shaping enabled by default.
    What hardware are you running on? As much detail as possible please.


  • thanks for replying.  i inherited this box from somebody else.

    i don't know if he put the traffic shaper or not, but there was some shaping being done.  i removed them all yesterday, but it didn't help so i restored everything back to where it was.  just a few minutes ago i tried removing them again and it worked.  i guess restoring everything allowed me to remove the traffic shaper.  weird, but we're in business.  thanks

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