Sync files over Carp / restart services affected

  • There's a proprietary service bouquet manually installed on a pair of nanobsd pfSense-based appliances here running in Carp redundancy. This proprietary stuff keeps its config in some local files in the /conf/myservice/directory path.

    How could I add a functionality to the system so that if such a file (under the path above) changes on the master, be syncronized down to the backup? Moreover, if the file changed on the backup, have the corresponding service restarted there.

    Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

  • Nobody?

    Guess some scripts based on inotify + rsync could do the job… any more efficient way?

  • Banned

    Uhm. Noted there is a XMLRPC sync funtionality available?

  • Yep. But I don't really see how could I include my stuff into it.

    Could anybody point me into the right direction please? I need to sync config files (proprietary format, not xml) and restart services affected.

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