Fixed user interface strings in config.xml - intentional?

  • I'm intrigued why fixed user interface text strings, used to describe tunables in the UI, are kept in the router config files as if they are variable parts of the configuration.

    The tunables might change value, or new ones be added over time, but I'd expect the UI  description narrative for any given tunable, to be a hard coded string within any given router release, as much as gettext() values or any other UI strings which wouldn't be in $config or config.xml.

    (It also allows slightly different descriptions to co-exist for the same tunable when default_config.xml and don't exactly match, although very minor it's surely not desired).

    I just noticed this and I'm curious if there's some significant historical or current reason why these fixed UI strings (but none other) are kept in the config rather than migrated within the code base itself like all other fixed UI strings?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It was added that way so the entire list could be customized by the user. The user can add their own tunables or remove defaults they do not want.

    It could be setup as a mix of default + user tunables in the future but I'm not sure if that's on anyone's todo list.

  • Thanks Jim.
    Helpful, exactly what I needed :)

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