How to delegate IPv6 prefix to "subrouters"?

  • Hello everyone,

    sorry, but English is not my native language, that makes it difficult to describe my problem. Bear with me, please.

    This is my odd network as it is right now:

    (I needed pfSense #1 and pfSense #2, because same gateway for both and no load balancing would work.)

    How would you distribute IPv6 addresses to the workstations in this scenario (probably with load balancing)?

    Thank you!!

    EDIT - I forgot mentioning what I already tried:
    On pfSense #1 and pfSense #2 I tried Services -> DHCPv6 Relay and checked Enable, set Interface to WAN and Destination server to ff02::1:2 (because I don't know DHCPv6 server address). Then on pfSense #3 I set both WAN to DHCPv6, but no avail.

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