VLAN and Linksys SLM2008

  • Hi All,

    I'm having a hard time getting my VLANs to work on my SLM2008.

    I have two VLANs:

    • VLAN1: everything essentially, except port 1 (cable modem)
    • VLAN10: WAN of PFSense (Port 2) and Port 1 to cable modem


    I see that PFSense is sending my packets to port 1, however i do not get any responses.
    I set up a test port 3 (non-trunked) in VLAN10, and connect my laptop, in this case it works fine. So I expect my problem sits somewhere in the trunk on port 2 as this uses both my LAN (VLAN 1) and WAN (VLAN 10).

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Best Regards,

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