Cannot access internet after adding new network card

  • Hi All,

    I have trouble when I added a new card into pfsense

    Below is my existing setup:

    1. I have 1 2ports PCI-E x4 network card bought in China  (said this is using intel 82580 chips), added into PC and uses port 0 [igb0] as WAN and port 1 [igb1] as LAN. This is installed in PCI-e x16 slot for display card.
    2. The onboard  network card is not used at the moment
    3. [igb1] is connecting to a 4ports hubs and routers works as AP and gives both wired and wireless connection to other PCs and phones and NAS server.
    ie. [ign1] -> hubs -> router -> PCs
                                -> NAS
    This setting is ok for connecting to internet and other PCs and NAS

    Now I added 1 more PCI-e x1 network card to pfsense computer (same source and hardware but using PCi-e x1 interface only, [igb2], [igb3])
    pfsense could regcognize all the network interface, but after I added [igb2] and [igb3] under pfsense -> interfaces -> assign page. Adding [igb2], [igb3] to the list and  rename interface name from opt2 , opt3 to LAN2, LAN3. Then all PCs could not connected to internet, but all computers could communicate.

    After this problem found, I tried to remove [igb2], igb3] in interfaces -> assign page, but still could not connect to internet. In pfsense dashboard, I could see the WAN connection can get and ip from internet. and in Win 7 tray, the network symbol representation is ok staus. however, I could not ping outside the LAN network.

    The only thing I could do is the apply setup wizard to recover, sometimes it takes only 1 time but sometimes it required to apply several times in order to recover the WAN connection.

    So, may I know if anything I set is wrong?

  • Netgate Administrator

    When you added the additional interfaces did you add a gateway? You should not have done if you did.

    Go to System: Routes: Gateways:    You should have only one gateway there, the WAN gateway. If you have more remove them from the Interface setup page and them make sure the WAN gateway is set as default.

    If you have any problems try posting a screenshot from the Status: Interfaces: page.


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