PfSense Build

  • I'm almost done selecting all the hardware, however I am in need of some advice.

    Motherboard: DQ77KB
    CPU: GL1610
    RAM: Picked a generic pair.
    PSU: Undecided
    Case: Undecided

    What case and PSU should I pick?

    I'm thinking:

    for the case: M350, Lian Li PC-Q05B, or Cooler Master Elite 130.

    and for PSU/power adapter: Dell PA-10, or 19v/8.4A 160 Watt AC-DC Power Adapter. I'm pretty sure they are supported, but not sure about the first power adapter. Stephen said the important thing, since all of those are 19V, is the connector type. He recalls the motherboard most likely has a barrel connector with an unsually large center pin, therefore that needs to be taken into account when selecting a compatible power adapter.

    If I've missed any good products, feel free to point it out!

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