I can not install HP Proliant server fpsense DL380e

  • hello friends I have a problem with a HP Proliant server DL380e that when you start the boot from the CD loads a bit and then the server restarts and you probe with 2 versions of fpsense and 2 the same happens to me

  • I have installed on a DL380. There was nothing special I had to do. Perhaps on the startup screen where it gives you options, you can turn of ACPI. If you are using USB cdrom or stick, there is an option for that also. Past this, turning of acpi and turning on ahci (I think that one needs to be on?) might help. Outside of that, perhaps hardware failure. Is it a new server or a re-purposed machine?

  • is new server
    I explain when loading the fpsense load some data and then reboots is not alcansa to show menu or anything and you can help me with some serious manual or spectacular images and would be very grateful

  • You can turn off acpi in bios and also enable ahci. Unfortunately new!=better in some cases. Are you installing 2.1 or 2.1.1?

  • I am using the latest version and I can not find the option in the ACPI BIOS and enable AHCI. could you please help me to start to try and tell them how I was

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