RADIUS Accounting Update (interim) and PoD in PPPoE

  • pfSense 2.1
    PPPoE server with external radius server.
    Radius Server not getting interim update with "RADIUS Accounting Update" option.
    My radius receives start and stop radius packets just fine but it doesn't seem to be receiving any interim-updates.
    Also PoD (packet of Disconnection) from radius-server to pfSense-PPPoE-server is not working

    Earlier issue rised at https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=56842.0

  • Hi, Yes I have seen this before, I think the answer is that pfSense does not support remote disconnection with standard POD packets, instead it uses re-authentication technique, which has some drawbacks over the POD system.

    PfSense uses re-authentication to check the validity of the logged accounts
    In your Radius configuration (can I ask which system you are using?) you need to find the simultaneous use option and give oit a value of more than 1 (I chose 10) this does mean a user can be logged in to more than 1 device, but will fix you rissue, try 2 and see how it goes which will make it hard to be logged in with more than 1 device.

    Sim-use = 1 will result immediate disconnection of the user when the first re-authentication packet arrives to RADIUS (RADIUS server thinks the user is already online and doesn’t give a permission for a new concurrent connection which causes pfSense to close the active session of the current user)

    (This answer has mostly been copied from some radius manager documentation I found.)

    I am having my own troubles getting PPPoE to work, I would really appreciate your help with my issue if you could give me a run down of how you set up the firewalling and networking side of your PPPoE server as my clients can connect and get an IP but not any access to the WAN. I will post a question shortly. Hopefully we can trade help for each other as these forums seem dead to me :(

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