Same subnet but different gateway

  • hello

    idk if this is discussed here.
    i installed pfsense 2.1 i386 on dual core machine.
    the problem, my second dsl goes offline.

    wan1 ip - - gateway:
    wan2 - - gateway:
    lan -

    i do not know if this is possible in pfsense with same subnet.
    i tried putting monitor ip using public dns, to no avail still goes offline.
    i tried changing the lan ip of wan2 into in modem/router of our dsl but it will go back to
    wan1 is online. but wan2 is only the problem.

    is there any solution on how to get wan2 online?


  • if it is dsl, perhaps you could bridge your modem and use PPPOE ?

  • I don't understand why your DSL devices are stuck on and - someone must have set them to those addresses, they would not have been that way at the factory! I would try really hard to change that first.
    Anyway, you can probably trick the system by making:
    pfSense WAN1 address and gateway
    pfSense WAN2 address and gateway (put WAN2 in the 2nd half of 192.168.5.*)

    and preferable have 2 cables - WAN1 to DSL1, and WAN2 to DSL2. Don't put a switch in the middle with it all connected. But actually it is likely to work anyhow.

    Try it!

  • i found the problem
    it was from the modem itself.
    what i did, i just put on first the modem. when it went normal (the led lights in the modem), i put on the pfsense box.
    and check the gateway if it is both online in the dashboard.

    yes. it is really weird that my dsl are stuck with "5" subnet and could not change anything with the lan ip of the router.
    by the way, thank you guys

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