Ping host connected with OpenVPN to host IPsec

  • Hi all!

    I have 2 PfSense on different locations connected with IPsec.
    It works perfect and I have no problems between those.

    But when I’m connected with OpenVPN from home or so, I’m unable to ping or access computers on the other side of the IPsec-tunnel.
    Hope that somebody is able to help me with this issue.

    Kind regards

  • You have to add another Phase2 on both firewalls.

    On add a Phase2 with source network: 10.10.250.x and destination network: 10.10.20.x
    On add a Phase2 with source network: 10.10.20.x and destination network: 10.10.250.x


  • Worked perfectly!
    A thousand thanks for your help!

    Kind regards

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