Squid + squidguard blocks website

  • Hi All

    Longtime Smoothwall user here, made the switch over to pfSense as the company outgrow Smoothwall.  :)

    I installed the latest version of pfSense, added firewall rules (will discuss in another thread) and installed Squid and SquidGuard.

    So far all is good, except that Squid and SquidGuard is throwing me off balance - when you visit www.ngi.gov.za the website returns with

    403 - Forbidden : Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

    However, when I switch back to Smoothwall (also using Squid and Squidguard) it's working 100%.

    I tried to add ngi.gov.za to a whitelist in Squidguard under pfSense, but it still throws the 403 error.

    All other websites (with the exception of banned websites [porn etc]) is working fine, it just is this specific one.

    Any ideas or suggestions on where to go from here?


  • when adding a website to the allow list, you need to click save. and after go the page of the Squad and click apply
    always click APPLY

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