MultiWAN + static routes through WAN2

  • Hi to all and sorry about my English..

    The trouble is:

    I have pfsense with multiwan + load balancing (WAN1 & WAN2 - static IPv4). Also i need to set traffic to go to some servers in inetrnet only through WAN2. But, if I do so (static routes in System -> Routing), it doesn't work at all. Firewall rules do nothing. And if i turn of rule on my LAN interface "any to any through Balacing", than loadbalancing turns off and static routes do their job.

    The question is:

    How can I make a friendship between static routes and loadbalancing?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You don't need static routes. Just put rule/s above your general "Balancing" gateway group rule. Those rules should say:
    Pass source LANnet, destination "IPs of those servers", gateway WAN2

  • If it should in "LAN" tab of Firewall, than I've already did this. No effect..

  • The specific rule for traffic to gateway WAN2 has to go above the general rule for traffic to "Balancing" gateway group.
    Post your gateways, gateway groups and LAN rules and we can check.

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